If you have an interest in possibly becoming a priest, please contact Msgr. Arquimedes Vallejo, and he will be happy to assist you. You can also visit the Rockford Vocation website. May the Lord continue to bless you in your discernment!












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Rockford Diocese Website

This is the official Diocese of Rockford Website. Here you can learn about upcoming events and news from our diocese.

Este es el sitio web oficial de la Diócesis de Rockford. Aquí puede conocer los próximos eventos y noticias de nuestra diócesis.


Catholics Come Home

For different reasons, people get disconnected from God and the Church. It is a matter of just drifting away sometimes. Concerning the Church, others may have experienced some harm or disappointment. Some may disagree with the teachings of the church or have marriage-related problems. If you feel the Lord calling you back to the Catholic church, we'll be happy to assist you. No one is "too far gone," and it's never "too late" to return to the faith. Please contact the parish office and ask to speak to Msgr. Arquimedes Vallejo to set up an appointment. We recommend you take a look at Catholics Come Home, which helps Catholics return to their spiritual home. Please click the link above. 

Por diferentes razones, la gente se desconecta de Dios y de la Iglesia. Es cuestión de simplemente alejarse a veces. En cuanto a la Iglesia, otros pueden haber experimentado algún daño o desilusión. Algunos pueden no estar de acuerdo con las enseñanzas de la iglesia o tener problemas relacionados con el matrimonio. Si siente que el Señor lo llama de nuevo a la iglesia católica, estaremos encantados de ayudarle. Nadie está "demasiado ido" y nunca es "demasiado tarde" para volver a la fe. Por favor comuníquese con la oficina parroquial y pida hablar con Mons. Arquímedes Vallejo para concertar una cita. Le recomendamos que eche un vistazo a Catholics Come Home, que ayuda a los católicos a regresar a su hogar espiritual. Haga clic en el enlace de arriba.

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Life Teen

Life Teen is a catholic website for teens with many videos, blogs, and resources to help young adults deepen their faith.

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Chastity Project

Do you have questions about dating, Marriage and love? What is taught about these topics by the Church? This website will give you the answers by knowledgeable Catholics. 

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Carpe Verbum

To sign up to receive a Lectio Divina each morning on the daily readings, text carpe to 84576!

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The USCCB is the hierarchy of the catholic church. Their website has many resources for the faithful.